Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Rights Can Make a Wrong

They say that two wrongs don't make a right. Well, conversely, two rights can make a wrong. Which is why I am no longer working at Coco Paloma Desserts. We both came to the conclusion that she needed an assistant with much more experience than a recent culinary school graduate. A great bakery and an eager worker may sound like a great fit, but you can't always assume it's a perfect match. You might love the taste of lemons and chocolate individually, but that doesn't mean you'll enjoy chocolate-dipped lemons.

It's odd to feel good about losing a job, but I think it was the best outcome for the both of us. I gave it my best effort (I even practiced at home), but we both understood that a few weeks of practice won't gain me years of experience. Since it would pretty much be just the two of us working on cakes, I felt pressured to achieve perfection immediately but that isn't a realistic expectation for a beginner.

I have no regrets about my short time at Coco Paloma Desserts. It was good to experience another person's techniques and work flow, plus I got a bit of training and practice in as well. I also learned that the saying "quitters never win" isn't always true. I think that in this situation parting ways will be a win for the both of us. She can find a more experienced assistant who can jump right in and help ease her workload and I can find a bakery that has time to allow me to develop my skills as a cake decorator.

So now I'm ready for the next step in my cake adventure...what will it be?!?  As always, I'll keep you posted.

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