Thursday, June 3, 2010

Luke, I Am Your Froster

I've been trying out cake recipes and working on my piping skills lately. Many of my practice cakes will be going to my husband's techy coworkers, many of which have interests in things like sci-fi, gaming and other geek-friendly endeavors. Considering this fact, I decided to decorate my cake with a theme that would please such an audience, hence, the Star Wars Stormtrooper.

I found the design on a t-shirt and thought it would translate to cake perfectly. I baked a white cake with confetti sprinkles and covered it with vanilla buttercream. I had set aside some of the buttercream to dye black for piping the details and borders. I then lightly sketched the Stormtrooper face onto the cake using a toothpick to create a guideline before I start piping. Unlike pencil sketching, you kind of only get one shot when piping directly on a cake. I'm fairly happy with the end result, but I know the facial proportions aren't quite right and the mouth is slightly uneven. It is MUCH easier to replicate images with pencil than with frosting, but I'll get better at it. That's why I'm doing practice cakes after all!

Next up...a father's day cake for this weekend that will probably be the Pirates of the Caribbean skull logo. I found this cake online (see photo) that pulled it off beautifully, so I'm going to use that as my model and inspiration. I'm going to make the same chocolate/buttercream/ganache cake that I made recently for the practice groom's cake/cupcakes. My dad likes chocolate (well, really anything sweet) and I think he'll really like the design since he loves the pirate movies. The decorating technique is similar to the Stormtrooper's with some slight differences, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do. I hope it comes out like the cake picture, but I know my dad will love it no matter what it looks like. That's why he's a great dad...Happy Father's Day!

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