Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Exams and a Cake Competition

Testing, Testing...1, 2, 3
This week we have our second practical exam of the year. If you'll recall, the last practical exam was dripping with fail because of my salty apple spice bread and the batch of scones that I guessed my way through (my team hadn't been assigned to make those yet). This time around we have to make THREE items: Sweet roll dough, soft roll dough and brioche. We practiced them once more this week so hopefully my solo effort tomorrow will be much more successful than that last exam. Plus, we have a written exam on Monday to look forward to. Lots of studying to do this week!

A Little Competition
Next Wednesday, our class is taking a trip to Conroe, TX to attend (and for some — including me and my teammate Margaret — compete in) the Ben E. Keith Competition. Margaret and I are entering the 1-tier celebration cake category with a Mardi Gras-themed cake. We haven't yet learned about cakes, fondant or much about pastillage (sugar art) in our class but our chef has offered to guide us. I like our design, now hopefully we can actually pull it off in about a week. Wish us luck!

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