Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Up To My Eyes in Cookies and Pies

This week was all about cookies and pies — very home-cookin' kind of stuff. The kitchen smelled fantastic and cozy with all of those pies being whipped up. My teammate Ninfa and I made a cherry topped with streusel, pecan and a lemon-lime cream pie topped with meringue (my personal favorite). Everything came out tasting great except for the streusel on the cherry pie. I don't know who made that batch of streusel, but I swear it was made with parmesan cheese because that is exactly what it tasted like. Our poor cherry pie was ruined by fromage sabotage!

Next we moved on to cookies, which is my all-time favorite dessert (besides chocolate and ice cream). Ninfa and I chose to make sugar and oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies as well as a batch of brownies. The sugar cookies came out great and the oatmeal chocolate-chip tasted fine too, but I've tasted better oatmeal recipes. As for the brownies, I really didn't care for the recipe that we had at all. We baked them just fine, but the recipe was a bit bland, not nearly as chocolatey or moist as I would expect something called "Rich Brownies" to taste. Another team made the "Classic Brownies" which they baked just fine, but was also an unimpressive brownie recipe. Oh well, the rest of the class seemed to enjoy them!

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