Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Success Tastes Like Cinnamon

PHEW! I'm glad that practical exam is over! That kind of exam always makes me a bit nervous and even more so since I completely botched that first practical exam on quick breads several weeks ago. For this exam I made brioche (top row), cinnamon rolls from sweet roll dough (second row) and soft dough rolls (bottom row) with no major catastrophe, just a few minor errors.

The brioche came out okay but I didn't quite form the little ball on top quite right. The soft dough rolls tasted fine, but I didn't proof (letting them rise before baking) them long enough so the baked rolls didn't get as big and puffy as they should. However, the cinnamon rolls came out PERFECT. Chef Todd said that I made the best batch of cinnamon rolls today and Chef Pablo gave me some very nice compliments on them. That definitely helped rebuild the confidence that had shattered from the trauma of the last exam. It's all about the little victories!

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